Saturday, 19 November 2011

Super fast Christmas card!

I was intending to spend yesterday making Christmas cards but all did not go to plan.

I spent nearly an hour searching the house for my lost mobile phone which remained resolutely lost. Then I decided to make a huge batch of chilli. I spent ages preparing it then I put it on the hob and went to hang some clothes out. Returned minutes later to find the chilli totally burnt to the bottom of the pan - the whole lot ruined! I then put the pan on the kitchen work surface and burnt a brown ring into that. In clearing up I got chilli all down myself. In a hurry to get my dirty jumper off I forgot to unbutton it and a button flew off. The day really didn't improve!!

So in the end I had half an hour to salvage something of the day and make a card. Hurray for the Jane Shasky CD (the new one from Joanna Sheen). It is absolutely gorgeous and is now my fave Sheenie CD. The card isn't rocket science but I can make lots of them quickly so my cards to family and friends are sorted.
 I really love the image and the colours and is a nice easy one to replicate. At least the day wasn't a total disaster. I'm busy trying to make my daughter an advent calendar - hopefully I'll have it ready to photograph in a few days.

Hugs, Jayne x


Pamela said...

Hope you have a better day today Jayne. Your card is gorgeous, like you the new cd is my new favourite. Printed loads off yesterday.

Pam x

Hazel said...

Your card is great and even more perfect if it's easy to make! I've given up, enough done and I will buy the rest. My stress has gone and I'm catching up with my blogs. Hazel x