Friday, 1 February 2019

The trouble with diets . . .

So at the moment if I'm not eating cake, I'm thinking about it or colouring it!!! It's not good and the diet is a disaster. It's not even a diet - it's a sensible eating plan but as it turns out, it's not very sensible! I really must try harder. Maybe colouring cake was not a good idea - I can think of little else but food. Sigh.

So this is the latest colouring class at Kit and Clowder. I love the classes but carpal tunnel has returned and coupled with this ridiculous trigger finger colouring is becoming very tricky :-(

This class is really worth taking a look at - the instruction is fabulous.



Annette said...

Wow, even just thinking about colouring that image would send me running for the hills. You've done an amazing job. All hose mini grapes and leaves are perfect. At least it's better to be colouring cake than eating it. Gorgeous job hun. xx

aussie aNNie said...

Delish card and awesome colouring...can you imagine the calories if we did eat it...x