Sunday, 16 August 2015

More robins!!

Agghhh! I have me a cold sore appearing on my lip. Hmm, tired, run down and stressed out - yep, a cold sore recipe :-(  I'm feeling a tad sorry for myself - I can't work out how having a cold sore always makes my eyes feel sore?

Anyhoo, back to the LOTV soon to be released robins. I kept it simple - pertly because I'm trying to come up with a style that I can 'batch make' for Christmas :-)

I love this red and white paper - it's my new favourite colour combo!
Ok, I have a confession. I've been such a bad girl - but in my defence it was a sale!! I spent the LOTV voucher Squirrel bought me for my birthday (aww, what a fab friend) and an extra £10 on 3 A5 stamp sets and 3 little stamps. Ooooh, I'm just super naughty. I think I showed remarkable restraint.

That's me for today. Hope you have a great week. Hugs, Jayne xx


  1. Awww I hope you are feeling better! Your creations with the robin trio are all absolutely exquisite - I can't choose between them. Such a wonderful variety of clever and inspirational designs.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon Jayne, cold sores are a real misery. Your card is gorgeous and the spots go perfectly with those adorable little robins xx

  3. Gorgeous wittle wobins hun! I think you showed REMARKABLE restraint, considering how long you'd had the voucher! Hugs xx

  4. Too too cute! I love these stamp and with the polka dots they look extra great! Sorry to hear about the cold sore. Hopefully it won't linger long!

  5. Oh, that's so rubbish about the cold sore and I do hope you are feeling brighter soon.
    I hope a little spending spree at LOTV cheered you up though...very restrained I think though!

    This card is delightful, definitely a good one for bulk makes and I LOVE that polka dot paper and the uber cute robins :-)

    Big hugs, Kat xx

  6. It's perfect Jayne, I love those little robins. Hope you're feeling less stressed soon honey.


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