Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday already?

Agghhh! This half term week has gone by sooooo quickly :-( I have got next to nothing done and I feel that super stressed, tense feeling you get when jobs are piling up and there's no time. I'm lying in bed on a night with all these undone jobs buzzing around my head and wake up tired and stressed! D'oh!!!! I must get a grip and start to chip away at that mountain!

Ok, so enough of my babble. I have done absolutely zero craft this week and the only thing I have to show you is a super quick birthday card I made for my Gran to give to me!!!!! At least I get to make it in my favourite colours :-)
The super pretty papers are from the Flower Shoppe Collection over at NitWit Collections (super yum). The stamp is from Woodware and I would tell you what it is but it is AWOL! May have to search my Mini Crafter's stash ;-)  I have a mahoosive MOUNTAIN of card candy and have generally no idea what to do with it so I stuck some pretty purple candy on this!

Right, I have ebay to deal with and my next class to prepare for. I had one in June but I don't think I have enough bodies to run it so back to the drawing board for me. Oooh, I forgot. This is the other card I made with my first class. Again a Woodware stamp.
Ok, I really am off this time. There are days when I am just a stream of consciousness according to my man!! Sending hugs and thanks for stopping by. Jaynexxxx


  1. Uh oh relax woman!!! Jobs are not worth the stress! Make a cuppa, grab a biccy (or 5!) and shut off your brain! Then slowly organise what jobs are most important and do them at your own speed my love!
    Life it too short to stress over things that don't really matter. If the jobs don't get done who is going to die???
    Just reeeeelax girl :-)
    Oh wow you even make your own bday cards!! Hehe
    Both cards are just gorgeous I love lilac!
    Sending hugs and relaxing happy thoughts <3
    Lucy xx

  2. Two very pretty cards in my fave colours. Hope things calm down for you, take a breath xx

  3. Very pretty cards Jayne, love the colours.

    Donna x

  4. Oh my goodness Jayne, I hope you get some time to relax soon!
    Both cards are gorgeous, I love the images and beautiful colours.
    Take care, hugs Sue xx

  5. both gorgeous cards Jayne! Make sure you take some time to 'chill'! I know it's the demon hours during the night when you start to add things to the 'list', but try to relax a little.
    Kim x

  6. Love both yours brilliant cards.
    I really LOVE buttons so guess the second one would be my favourite.
    "CHILL" girl ....... life is too short to get in a state about "things" although I know exactly where you are coming from.
    Patricia x

  7. I feel like this quite a lot and I don't even have kids to organise...almost the only time I clean is when someone is visiting and the ironing mostly gets done when I run out of clothes to wear etc. etc!
    I am a BIG fan of lists but that's no good when I forget to put stuff on there in the first place...scatter brained doesn't even begin to cover it!

    Oh, you had to make your own birthday card...he he! Good job you made yourself a really lovely card that you can admire and used up some stash too :-)
    Your class card is absolutely delightful too; all the embellies on the heart image look gorgeous.

    Now, breathe....and off we go again!

    Big hugs, Kat xx

  8. Notebook by the bed to jot down all the thoughts buzzing in your head should help, I can't sleep without my notebook - LOL!

    Fantastic cards in gorgeous colours. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  9. both so stunning jayne.your designs are beautiful and i love the gorgeous stamps.i hope things settle down soon for you.i really need to try and manage my time better.when i have got time to get something done, i just can`t be bothered at the mo.

    xx coops xx

  10. Wait? Did I follow that correctly? You made a card to give to your grandmother to use and her use of it was to give it to you for your birthday? That's so funny!!! Good thing you made it in your favorite colors then. I like how it uses up so much of that Candi stuff. I have a bunch of it too but I'm not sure where I put it. That second card is very elegant. Great cards, both of them!

  11. Wow, not your usual style but beautiful and just shows how talented you are to be so versatile. I'm not sure I can pull off anything but 'cute'! Love them both Jayne.

  12. two really lovely cards Jayne, both such pretty colour combinations with really lovely extra details...beautiful.


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